The Campaign

The Campaign

Be wise and Sanitize, based on the W.H.O and CDC initiative is a campaign to provide vulnerable young people with health education and a convenient and effective way to prevent contracting of harmful diseases.

In particular, The campaign seeks to help young students by:

  • - Educating them on the dangers of bacteria
  • - Providing a convenient way to clean hands.
  • - Creating a habit of ensuring hands are clean.
  • - Decreasing illness, such as Trachoma, influenza   and ebola.
  • - Decreasing in absenteeism amongst students and   educators.
  • - Promoting Water conservation

The Plan

This campaign is designed to create awareness by print material such as, posters, brochures, etc. and to improve hand hygiene by providing a pocket size hand sanitizer to each pupil free of charge.

The campaign is more than a 'once off'. The second phase is to install a dispenser in each classroom which will be monitored and refilled on a regular basis.

On average a person uses 1 litre of water to wash their hands.
If we adopt a habit of substituting water with a hand sanitizer once a day, we can save a litre of water.

Imagine if a million people adopt this habit...

The Result

By the end of the campaign the youth will:

  • - Have learned the dangers of bacteria and importance of hand hygiene.
  • - Improve hand hygiene habits.
  • - Reduce the risk of contracting infectious diseases.
  • - Reduce the number of days absent.
  • - Reduce medical expenses.
  • - Educate others on the importance of hand hygiene.
  • - Conserve water.

some interesting facts

Did you know ...

Using an alcohol-based sanitizer is more effective in reducing the spread of
rotavirus, adenovirus and rhinovirus compared with medicated
and non-medicated hand soaps according to studies cited by the CDC.

So when last did you wash your hands?

How important is it...

Each year in the United States, patients get more than a million infections in the hospital while being treated for something else.

The best way to help prevent infection is to practice proper hand hygiene. Hand Hygiene Saves Lives shows how patients can play an active role in reminding healthcare providers.